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Is Hydroponics Healthy?

  To know if Hydroponics is healthy, we must first understand what Hydroponics is. Usually, the soil is the primary source to grow plants, but the soilless farming system is a unique method. The countries in the world grow vegetables, fruits, and crops through Hydroponics. With the scientific method now, we can get and clear idea that Hydroponics is a soilless planting system. What Is Hydroponics? In this way, the plants grow through photosynthesis to absolve sunshine in their leaves to turn into carbon dioxide (co2) by using water in glucose and oxygen. To understand it more clearly, we read about using elements like 6co2+6h2o→c6h1206+602 where there is no sign about the use of soil. This can prove that plants can grow soilless. The essential ingredients for plants are water and nutrition, readily available on the earth. But through the Hydroponics system, plants exclusively get water and food. Above all, Hydroponics does not rely on the ground. Instead of growing in the earth, the pl