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Major Symptoms of a Heart Attack

  Major Symptoms of a Heart Attack How Does It Sign? Your heart muscles need to get the oxygen properly. If any barrier creates a problem reaching the oxygen to your heart muscle from your heart, the cells of the heart muscle will be ruined or die. It needs your blood flow restored immediately to recover. You must get medical help quickly if you feel you're going to face heart attack symptoms. Starting Points It measures plaque, the name of cholesterol, and a fatty material that creates the walls inside blood vessels that serve blood to your heart. This process is named arteries. It hinders the blood from flowing normally. A piece of this plaque breaks, causing heart attacks. The broken-o plaque blocks the artery when a blood clot forms surrounding it. Indication At the very beginning, you may feel hurt, under pressure, or uneasy in your chest. You might be short of breath, sweaty, faint, or feel pain in your stomach. There might be pain in your neck and shoulders. The symptoms are